Sniper is a hunter, and a hunter must be invisible. A sniper, who tries to work exposed almost immediately becomes a target for the enemy. Sniping positions have to be organized nearby the enemy lines, sometimes in uncomfortable, open and improper places. That's why sniper's camouflage has to be perfect, look naturally and must not stand out against the surroundings.

These leaves are designed for any camouflage cloak and other gear. They can be placed on any camouflage suit (as well as on a boonie hat or even on a helmet cover) that has matching loops.

Such fake foliage provides excellent camouflage, since the it breaks the silhouette of a soldier against the background of the terrain, and its dimension, combined with camouflage colors, makes it possible to hide perfectly in the woods. A large selection of colors allows you to adapt your viperhood to any terrain.


  • Cotton / viscose 35%, Polyester 65%

Camo leafs "Oaklet"


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