Russian saboteurs often prefer to use "maskhalat", this is both a tradition inherited from the scouts of the great Patriotic War and a practical solution to the issue of disguise in the hot season or for hot regions.

"Scout" is a one-sided camouflage suit that has a free and ergonomic cut, thanks to which the silhouette of a fighter is blurred at medium and long distances without restricting active movements. This camo suit was developed based on the wishes of employees of Russian special forces, so it has many convenient features in contrast to similar products.

The top of the suit is made of anorak with a loose fit, has a deep hood adjustable to the face and a tie at the back of the head hidden in a special pocket, as well as a folding visor on the hood. Velcro panels on shoulders for installing chevrons and patches, the sleeve cuffs are rubberized and have a rubber cord for fixing on the fingers or protecting against insects. The waist part of the jacket is rubberized. The trousers are equipped with loops for wearing with suspenders, as well as belt loops for the waist belt, the waist part is rubberized too. On a pants deep cut-in pockets and two cargo pockets with an anti-loss flap on a canadian button, bottom of the pants are rubberized.


  • Viscose/Cotton 35%, Polyester 65%

Summer masking suit "Scout" old collection

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