During service or combat, weapons become an integral part of the soldier, but you do not need to carry gun constantly in your hands, and it is easy to drop and lose weapon, so you need to attach a sling to any weapon.   

The sling is a combination of the advantages of three-point, two-point and single-point weapon sling systems, while eliminating their disadvantages. The "Duty-M3" sling allows the user to move the weapon from the transport position to the patrol or combat position and back in one movement, while the sling itself remains stationary on the user's body.   

The sling has a metal carabiner for attaching to the butt and a special sling for attaching the sling to the butt, a fastex for quick release and a damping cushion.


  • Cordura 1000D

Tactical Weapon Sling "Dolg-M3"


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