Flag Patches

You cannot complete your kit without Russian Flag. Here you can find various patches

Issued Patches

Looking for the accurate Patches? Russian Army, FSB and similar? Here you can find all of them!

Rune Patches

Russia is North Country. Country, of descendants of Vikings. That's why Rune Patches popular here. Here you can find various variants of this patches

Friend or Enemy Patches

This patches created for Special Ops operators as friend or foe patches. Created as for warfare, as for training

Medical Patches

Here you can find different Medical Patches, like medical crosses. They are created for Special Ops medics, and for marking of first aid kit

Cinema & Games Patches

Chiki Briki i v Damki. Suka Blyat and similar patches from different video games

Moral Patches

Here you can find various Funny and not very funny patches