The camouflage coat "Ewok" is made of durable camouflage knitted mesh, which provides light weight of the product, ventilation and comfort in hot weather. Camouflage leaves made of light camouflage fabric are sewn onto the mesh over the entire surface of the cape, which creates a 3D camouflage effect that effectively integrates the user into the environment and will be especially effective when hunting in any area, since animals see only in the b/w range and will not be able to recognize the cape user among the foliage.

There is also a "signal" option made of bright fabric, which is perfect for those who are afraid of getting lost in the forest. Bright fabric note in the far distance and you will never get lost. It is perfect for hiking in the forest, hunting, mushroom picking, etc.

The Evok cape has a hood and sleeves, this design provides freedom of movement and allows you to use a helmet, equipment, backpacks and warm clothes. The cape has five different adjustments for an optimal fit for a particular user. The adjustment is carried out using a nylon cord with a lock.


  • Additional fabric: 100% polyester knitted mesh (Russia)
  • Apri ® (Russia)
  • 35% viscose, 65% polyester
  • 100% Polyamide AO Lenta® (Russia)

Coat "Ewok" Small


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