Sniper Coat "Frak" sniper cape is designed to effectively disguise the user using 3D camouflage.

Coat "Frak" cape is made of durable camouflage knitted mesh, which provides light weight of the product, ventilation and comfort in hot weather. Leaves of light fabric are sewn onto the mesh over the entire surface of the cape, which creates the effect of 3D camouflage, breaking the silhouette of the user, and effectively integrates the user into the environment.

The "Frak" has a voluminous hood, adjustable in depth and oval of the face, adjustment on the chest and belt on the fastex. The cape is compatible with body armor, helmets and other equipment, it can be used as a camouflage awning.


  • Additional fabric: 100% polyester knitted mesh (Russia)
  • Apri ® (Russia)
  • 35% viscose, 65% polyester
  • 100% Polyamide AO Lenta® (Russia)

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